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When granted access to a sandbox and/or production instance, an initial user will be configured for you (the client). Additional users may be configured upon request. Each user will consist of access credentials including a login ID and password.

A login request takes the form of a POST request to /auth/get-token and has the following format. The response will include an access token that should be included in the headers of all subsequent requests (see Get Access Token).

    "user" :{
        "login": "CONNECTFI_CLIENTID",
        "password": "CONNECTFI_PASSWORD"

Once production instance access has been granted, we recommend for you to log in and update the user password that was configured for you to a secure password of your choosing before any further requests are made. Update the password through a POST request to /user/change-password. The new password should contain at least one of each: a digit, a special symbol, a lowercase letter, and an uppercase letter. See the Change User Password documentation for further information.