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Methods at this endpoint access and modify account records. In addition, they may list and modify transactions. An account in ampliFi is represented by an account record in the form of a JSON object. Depending on client configurations and card/account issuer, cards and accounts may have a one-to-one, one-to-many, or many-to-one relationship. It is also possible to issue vAccount only accounts, where there is no physical card associated with the account. The following object is a model for an account at a specific back office.

Account Object

This table lists properties usually included in an account. Some details may vary depending on the account type.

Property Description Schema Example Values
AFiAccountId ampliFi ID for this account string "qwegalgnuyocdfoxg"
isSync true if processing should be synchronous boolean true or false
name nickname for the account (maintained by the back-office) string "virtual"
AFiUserId ampliFi ID for the user of this account string "qweaurl8kgtlv9pc"
primaryUserAFiUserId ID for the primary user, if different from AFiUserId string null
AFiCardId ID for the card associated with this account, if any string "qwegalgnuyocdfoxg"
accountIdBO account ID at the back-office string "cd_5cws26xjxlfbb"
backOfficeId back-office ID string "evolve"
backOfficeName back-office name string "evolve"
typeID account type code string or number "virtual"
rn routing number, if applicable number "084106768"
num account number, if applicable number "10000000123456"
balance account balance; see below object { "currency": "USD", "native": 0, "available": 0 }
status account status ("active", "blocked") enum "active" or "blocked"
isActive true if the account is active boolean true or false
isMain true if the account is the user's main account boolean true or false
isClosed true if the account is closed boolean true or false
dtsOpened date/time account was opened string, ISO 8601 format "2023-04-19T15:38:14.436Z"
dtsUpdated date/time account was last updated string, ISO 8601 format "2023-12-11T13:14:57.328Z"

balance Object Example

Property Description Schema Example Values
currency 3 letter currency code string "USD"
native actual balance number 0
available available balance number 0