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Get Status

Request method and URL

GET /customer/kyc/status/:customerId (deprecated)


This endpoint is deprecated. Instead of using /customer/kyc and /document endpoints, we recommend the use of the /akepa endpoints for KYC/KYB verification and document upload.

KYC (Know Your Customer) is an asynchronous process which takes time. Therefore you are expected to await for callbacks via webhook. However, you can query KYC process status using the following request. The connectFi customer ID is required as a path parameter.

Request Body


    "x-connectfi-token": "a long random string" //Authorization token received from /auth/get-token request



Successful Response Example

200 (HTTP response status code) -- Success, customer information (including KYC status, KYC document list, and KYC attributes) is returned

    "code": "0", //Success
    "data": {
        "customer": {
            "reference": "22223", //unique external reference in your system
            "customerId": "csta-6TqoA6HtSItCANO1KT0W7u", //customer ID in connectFi
            "customerType": "individual",
            "customer": { //customer object
            "kycStatus": "WAITING_DATA",
            "boises": [],
            "dtsCreatedAt": "2022-10-07T17:18:56.424Z"
        "kyc": {
            "attributeCodes": [
            "system": "condor",
            "mode": "licenseUSACondor",
            "status": "WAITING_DATA" //Status of the KYC process, see above. 
        "kycDocumentList": [
                "id": "doc-45SKHDbSp1Imxr1hjGOmfW", //document ID in connectFi
                "label": "LICENSE FRONT",
                "type": "LICENSE",
                "documentSide": "FRONT",
                "uploadStatus": true,
                "extension": "png"
                "id": "doc-45SKHEQURjRQQQzcUOJZyY", //document ID in connectFi
                "label": "LICENSE BACK",
                "type": "LICENSE",
                "documentSide": "BACK",
                "uploadStatus": false //Still waiting on the back of the driver's license to be uploaded so the KYC status is "WAITING DATA"
    "kycAttributes" : {
        "cardAttributes": {
            "productID": "AWSM_API_Evolve_Test",
            "nameOnCard": "JOHN TESTMAN UWUR",
            "designId": "1",
            "addressType": "PRIMARY",
            "issueType": "NEW",
            "additionalData": {
                "designId": "1"
    "requestId": "b654cac0b85311ed94b4966a132cde12"