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Make generic payments to previously defined beneficiaries using a POST request to /remittance/:AFiRemittanceId or make credit card payments to a credit card account identified by a destinationAccountId in the request body of a /remittance/creditCardPayment request. The resulting payment is also referred to as a transaction or transfer.

Transaction Object

The ampliFi API represents a transaction by a JSON object. Some of the properties of this object depend on the transaction type for that beneficiary. Common properties that may appear in a transaction object are shown in the following table.

Property Description Schema Example Values
AFiUserId ID of the current user string "qweaurl8kgtlv9pc"
transactionId ampliFi ID for the transaction string "qwetrna2bdqmoevbpnvdkngosrzzdqqblk"
accountIdBO Back-office account ID string "cd_5cg2g8nddz3r9"
transactionIdBO The transaction ID in the back-office string "tx_5guiqmptrdf95"
txnType Type of transaction string "USA_wire"
typeName Type of transaction in ampliFi string null
amount The amount of the transaction number -0.01
debit The debit amount number 0.01
credit The credit amount number 0
currency 3-letter currency code string "USD"
narrative A brief description string "Transfer to ACH Payee Account"
stateId The state code number 400
transactionState The current status of the transaction string "confirmed"
dtsValue The date-time-stamp for the transaction date "2023-01-03T19:54:15.963+00:00"
AFiCardId ampliFi ID for the card string "qwegal8kgtmysmels"
AFiAccountId ampliFi ID for the account string "qwegal8kgtmysmels"
isDeclined true if declined boolean true or false
isPending true if pending boolean true or false
isComplete true if complete boolean true or false
AFiBeneficiaryId ampliFi ID of the beneficiary string "qwepgbenlge48etick"
sourceAFiAccountId ampliFi ID of source account string "qwegal8kgtmysmels"
destinationAFiAccountId ampliFi ID of the destination account string "qwegal8t06sn8thnb"
debitTransactionId ampliFi vID of the debit string "qwetrna2bdqmoevbpnvdkngosrzzdqqblk"
creditTransactionId ampliFi ID of the credit string null
dtsRecorded The date-time-stamp when the transaction was recorded date "2023-01-03T19:54:15.963+00:00"
dtsCompleted The date-time-stamp when the transaction was completed date "2023-01-03T19:54:15.963+00:00"