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Welcome to Paygears

Welcome to Paygears banking as a service platform that enables you to launch fully compliant financial products or embed powerful financial features into existing products or services.

This documentation will walk you through the two different types of REST APIs we offer, how they differ, and what services are available with each so that you can decide which API solution is best for your company.

ampliFi API

The ampliFi REST API offers a variety of unified high-level interfaces providing access to the functionality of core banking services and leading fintech solutions. ampliFi architecture includes a robust middleware layer consisting of User Management, Authentication, and other microservices such as velocity limits, imaging, etc. that are required for digital banking operations. It also features server and mobile SDKs that make your web and/or mobile integration with banking services seamless and quick. Choose ampliFi if you planning to launch a new product or service and want a complete end-to-end digital banking solution.

connectFi API

The connectFi REST API is at a lower level, providing less abstraction than the ampliFi API. This means that you handle the front end and middleware, and we provide a single, stand-alone API allowing you access to all of the back-end financial services simply and quickly. Choose connectFi when adding new or additional functionality to your existing stack that already has front-end and middleware components.