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Welcome to PayGears

Welcome to the PayGears banking-as-a-service platform. Banking-as-a-Service is available in multiple forms and can be accessed at different layers of varying complexity. PayGears offers multiple solutions for integrating BaaS functionality into your web or mobile applications and enables you to launch fully compliant financial products and/or embed powerful financial features into existing products and services. In addition, our APIs have been developed using a single-tenancy architecture, so your business will have its own robust, dedicated instance. A single tenant instance offers greater security and customization options in order to handle your business’s financial services needs, while providing you peace of mind and your customers a more tailored experience.

This documentation will walk you through the different types of REST APIs we offer, how they differ, and what services are available with each so that you can decide which API solution is best for your company.

ampliFi API

The ampliFi BaaS software system stands in front of the connectFi API as a unified interface and provides high level access to core banking services and leading fintech solutions. The ampliFi software suite allows you the autonomy to choose the level of services that you wish to integrate. Whether you are building from the ground up, or adding new financial services to an existing stack, ampliFi offers solutions to enable fast, secure, compliant development of your application.

The ampliFi software suite is customizable and extendable. It is capable of providing as much or as little of the business and compliance logic needed in order to meet your business’s needs and applicable regulatory requirements. The ampliFi system is fully capable of making necessary decisions about transactions (such as verifying the trustworthiness of the customer, applying transaction restrictions, checking limits, etc.) prior to calling connectFi to execute said transactions efficiently and securely.

The ampliFi architecture includes a robust middleware layer consisting of microservices such as user management, authentication, velocity limits, imaging, and more that are required for compliant digital banking operations. When requests are made to the ampliFi REST API, this middleware layer is what enables ampliFi to make decisions based on regulatory compliance and your business's segment specific configurations about the request. The ampliFi software suite also features a powerful SDK that makes your web and/or mobile integration with banking services seamless and quick. The ampliFi SDK can be used in both node.js and browser environments. This means that the same SDK can be used to develop server-side logic and client-side web/mobile application logic in parallel. If your business use case requires access to a banking API, including payment rails and services such as ACH, Bill Payment, Wires, Card Issuing, Acquiring, Check Printing, and more, and you prefer the benefit of compliant, customizable business logic that can handle financial transactions and services from beginning to end (while still allowing you the option of taking the reigns where desired), then choose ampliFi.

connectFi API

The connectFi BaaS REST API system provides a stand-alone API which was designed for high throughput, low-latency processing with minimal business-logic. If your business needs direct access to payment rails and card issuing in order to add financial services to an existing front end/middleware stack in which you provide the business and compliance logic, then connectFi is the logical choice. With a single integration, connectFi opens a gateway to all of our available payment rails and services, including ACH, Bill Payment, Wires, Card Issuing, Acquiring, Check Printing, and more.

If only using connectFi, the client is responsible for implementing and maintaining all of the business and compliance logic in order to satisfy business and regulatory requirements. The connectFi API provides the gateway to multiple payment rails and issuing, while the client is responsible for everything else. If you have not yet developed the business and compliance logic required in order to handle the desired financial services, consider choosing ampliFi instead, which offers all of the services that connectFi provides, plus all of the features necessary to build compliant financial and banking products quickly from the ground up.