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Change Log

Date Description
07/01/2024 Updated tocard type beneficiary required fields to include cvv, mobile, and address.
Beneficiaries Guide, BeneficiaryToCard Reference
06/27/2024 Added ampliFi SDK Beneficiaries section (including Beneficiaries Guide, TheM.beneficiaries Reference, Beneficiaries Reference, BeneficiariesUSA Reference, BeneficiariesUSA_wire Reference, BeneficiariesPayPal Reference, BeneficiariesCheque Reference, and BeneficiariesToCard Reference).
Beneficiaries Guide, TheM.beneficiaries Reference, Beneficiary Reference, BeneficiaryCheque Reference, BeneficiaryPayPal Reference, BeneficiaryToCard Reference, BeneficiaryUSA Reference, BeneficiaryUSA wire Reference

Added ampliFi SDK Payees section (including Payees Guide, TheM.payees Reference and ClassPayee Reference documentation).
Payees Guide, TheM.payees Reference, ClassPayee Reference
06/24/2024 Added External Accounts section for the ampliFi SDK (including,,, and
ExternalAccounts Guide, TheM.externalAccounts Reference, ExternalAccount Reference, Autofunding Reference
06/13/2024 Added ampliFi SDK Accounts section (including Accounts Guide, TheM.accounts Reference, Account Class reference, Balance Class reference, and Transaction Class reference).
Accounts Guide, TheM.accounts Reference, Account Reference, Balance Reference, Transaction Reference
06/11/2024 Added ampliFi SDK Users section (TheM.user Reference, User Guide, and Address Class Reference)
User Guide, TheM.user Reference, Address Reference

Updated Onboarding Guide to improve how client properties are entered.
Onboarding Guide, TheM.onboarding Reference
06/05/2024 Added ampliFi SDK TheM.onboarding Reference documentation. Updated /prospect/generic request body example in ampliFi MODULES.
TheM.onboarding Reference, Generic Prospect
05/31/2024 Updated ampliFi SDK Overview, Getting Started section (Quick Start, Class Calls, Local Storage, and Events), and TheM Reference. Added Onboarding Guide.
ampliFi SDK Overview, Quick Start, Class Calls, Local Storage, Events, TheM Reference, Onboarding Guide
05/29/2024 Added ampliFi Cards Example Walkthrough
Example Walkthrough
05/28/2024 Added ampliFi Accounts Example Walkthrough
Example Walkthrough
05/23/2024 Updated walkthroughs - Authentication (added crypto-js import), External Accounts (authorization description and sync external accounts description), and Prospects (refactored authorization and updated authorization explanation)
Example Walkthrough - External Accounts, Example Walkthrough - Authentication, Example Walkthrough - Prospects
05/06/2024 Added ampliFi walkthrough for External Accounts
Example Walkthrough - External Accounts
04/17/2024 Added Authentication and Prospects walkthroughs and navigation links
Example Walkthrough, Example Walkthrough
03/25/2024 Updated ampliFi - the ampliFi API is pre-integrated with connectFi, giving you access to all of the core banking services and payment rails (ACH, Acquiring, Bill Pay, Card Push/Pull, Checks, Wires, Bank Accounts, and Card Issuing). In addition, ampliFi includes a robust middleware layer consisting of User Management, Authentication, Velocity Limits, Imaging, and other microservices, on top of the connectFi layer to create an end-to-end Banking as a Service solution.
Overview - Accounts, Overview - Alerts, Overview - Authentication, Overview - Beneficiaies, Overview - Cards, Overview - Check Printing, Overview - Devices, Overview - External Accounts, Overview - FDRs, Overview - Generic Requests, Overview - Geocoding, Overview - IOUs, Overview - Invites, Overview - Messages, Overview - Payees, Overview - Prospects, Overview - Rates, Overview - Remittance, Overview - Restrictions, Overview - Transfers, Overview - Undo Queue, Overview - User Managment
03/14/2024 Added ampliFi OVERVIEW section; Split into Introduction, Authentication, Structure-of-Requests-and-Responses, and Ping-Heartbeat.
Introduction, Authentication, Ping Heartbeat, Structure of Requests and Responses