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This endpoint is used to manage prospective new users (or applicants). Their data is validated and, if appropriate, they are converted to users.

Prospect Object

Properties Description Schema Example Values
deviceTag The device id (provided by user) string "o1vd1oc0nw8"
preSegment The original category of prospect (ex. "teacher", "adult") string "demo_uoiuqwehflkipahgoqq"
deviceData A device-specific set of data object { //See deviceData Object below }
payload A segment-specific set of data required to register the user; e.g. name, address, and other personal info object { //See payload Object below }
dtsRecorded The date and time that the prospect was recorded string "2022-06-20T15:33:22.726Z"
dtsCollected The current date and time string "2022-06-20T15:33:22.726Z"
deepLink A code with which family members get linked to each other string, nullable "null"
linkinjected A link to another user no "null"
ipAddress The device IP address string "::ffff:"
dtsRegistered the date and time that the prospect was registered string "2022-06-20T15:33:22.726Z"
isRegistered true if the prospect is registered boolean true or false

payload Object Example

This is an example payload and may differ depending on the user segment.

Properties Description Schema Example Values
name The user's name object { "firstName": "John", "middleName": "", "lastName": "Testman" }
address The user's main address object { "addressLine1": "123 Main Str.", "city": "Harrisburg", "state": "PA", "postalCode": "12345", "countryCode": "US"}
address1 Additional user address details object { "countryCode": "US" }
dob The user's date of birth object { "dts": "1978-10-15T17:12:25.000+00:00", "day": 15, "month": 10, "year": 1978 }
document An identification document information object, such as for SSN or Driver's License object { "type": "US driving license", "number": "123456789", "issued": "10052015", "expires": "10052025", "issuingState": "PA" }
extra An object containing any additional information that was requested object { "sex": "male", "eyeColor": "BRO", "hairColor": "BLK", "heightMetric": "181", "weightMetric": "185"}
ssn The user's Social Security Number (for US) string "123456789"
mobile The user's mobile phone number string "1234567890"
email The user's email address string ""
languageCode The user's primary language or device language string "en"
isIntroSeen true if intro should be seen boolean true or false
referral A code from a friend string "BBQFCHQXN"

deviceData Object Example

Properties Description Schema Example Values
platform The device platform string "android"
build The device platform build version string "0.0.01"

ampliFi user object example for new user

    "AFiUserId": "qweaurl8kgtlv9pc", //randomly generated and unique id
    "dtsCreated": "2022-09-27T17:22:03.172Z",
    "names": [],
    "name": { 
      "firstName": "John", 
      "middleName": "", 
      "lastName": "Testman" 
    "firstName": "John",
    "sortId": "s7j", //randomly generated
    "languageCode": "en", //defaults to english, other possible values are "fr" (French) or "es" (Spanish)
    "dtsCreated": "2022-09-27T17:22:03.172Z",
    "dtsModified": "2022-09-27T17:22:03.172Z",
    "dtsCreatedAtUsers": "2022-09-27T17:22:03.172Z",
    "segment": "demo", //given presegment is converted into the corresponding idle user segment and then to a finalized user
    "postOnboardingStepsRequired": "postonboardingadultstep2", //or "welcome", etc. 
    "referralCode": "BBBUTHZFE", //unique referral code generated if new user will be allowed to make referrals, otherwise referralCode defaults to undefined
    "extras": {},
    "private": true, //not a company, a private person
    "isFullyRegistered": false, //updates to true when finalized
    "isIdleUser": true, //updates to false if finalized user segment is not idle
    "uiStage": undefined //updates to "firstContact" when finalized as a user
    //"requirements": { //an object containing required ID image type sets (user must provide at least one valid combination of user ID documents), this property is added when user is finalized }