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Services at this endpoint access and modify the currently logged in user's record.

A user is an ampliFi customer. Users are initially processed as prospects, then converted to users when they have been validated.

User Object

The ampliFi API represents a user by a JSON object. This table lists properties usually included in a user object. Some details may vary.

Properties Description Schema Example Values
AFiUserId ampliFi ID for the user string "qweaurl8kgtlv9pc"
dtsCreated Date and time when the record was created dts "2022-09-27T17:21:23.445Z"
names Older names, if any array of name objects [ {//name object 1}, {//name object 2}, ... ]
name The user's name object object {"firstName": "John", "middleName": "", "lastName": "Testman"}
firstName The user's first (given) name string "John"
middleName The user's middle name(s), if any string ""
lastName The user's last (family) name string "Testman"
sortId An ID for sorting, randomly generated string "s7j"
languageCode A 2-letter code for user's preferred language string "en"
dtsModified The date and time when the record was last modified dts "2022-09-27T17:22:03.172Z"
dtsCreatedAtUsers The date and time when the user applied dts "2022-09-27T17:21:23.445Z"
segment The customer segment for user string "demo"
postOnboardingStepsRequired The next step required in the prospect to user process string "postonboardingadultstep2"
referralCode A referral code this user can use to invite others string "BBBUTHZFE"
extras Additional information if any (see below) object { //See extras Object Example below}
private True if user is not a business boolean true
isFullyRegistered True if user passed KYC (Know Your Customer) and has opened an account boolean true
isIdleUser True if user was created, but bank account was not opened boolean false
uiStage User's current stage string "firstContact"
ssn The user's 9 digit Social Security Number string "123456789"
dosDob User's date of birth in "YYYY-MM-DD" format string "1978-10-15"
dobDay User's birth date day in "DD" format string "15"
dobMonth User's birth date month in "MM" format string "10"
dobYear User's birth date year in "YYYY" format string "1978"
addresses Array of address objects array [ { //See address Object Example below}, ... ]
mobile The user's mobile 10 digit phone number string "1234567890"
email The user's email address in email format string ""
homeCurrency 3-letter currency code string "USD"
isActive True if user is active boolean true
dtsRegistered The date and time when user was registered dts "2022-09-27T17:21:57.913Z"
phoneNumbers An array of user's phone numbers array [ "1234567890", ... ]
emails An array of user's email addresses array [ //email1, //email2, ... ]
isMetric True if customer prefers metric measurements boolean false
faceImage The user's face image, png encoded in Base 64 string "/a/very/long/string/of/characters/and/digits"
mainAFiAccountId The account ID for the user's main account string "qwegal8kgtmysmels"
isEmailConfirmed True if the email address has been verified boolean false
isMobilePhoneConfirmed True if the mobile phone number has been verified boolean false

extras Object Example

"extras": {
   "sex": "female",
   "eyeColor": "BRO",
   "heightImperial": "66",
   "heightMetric": "168",
   "weightMetric": "85",
   "veteran": "1"

address Object Example

    "addressLine1": "123 Main Str.",
    "addressLine2": null,
    "city": "Somecity",
    "state": "PA",
    "postalCode": "12345",
    "countryCode": "US",
    "AFiUserId": "qweaurl8kgtlv9pc",
    "dtsRecorded": "2022-09-27T17:21:57.953Z",
    "AFiUserAddressId": "qwebeteysxkycnkcyddoziktasubadowcprrvwjsjri",
    "dtsModified": "2022-09-27T17:21:57.953Z"