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These endpoints manage records of devices registered to the current user.

Device Object

The ampliFi API represents devices by a JSON object. The content of this object depends on the device type (e.g. Android, iOS, browser).

Property Description Schema Example Values
userId ampliFi ID for the user string "qweawcqlq5if7bzdhkpkhyvopbtzbjnqvmvmokpuxtyacij"
uuid Device ID string "53EE1234-ABC5-6D7E-9012-F3G4H5I6J7K8"
deviceTag Device tag string "hwp6ts9o8fid71mbl13cwe4por75fnmabc35m2y6rkib0c7akazydz123hyjqi798dc5zaiorbdqp7ig7s3ktl0fc0vggihfvzlft6xi26qyx83exr0q4y8osh3onlou"
specifics An object containing device properties string { //device specifics }
dtsCreated DTS created string "2023-08-14T12:39:24.342+00:00"
dtsModified DTS modified string "2023-08-14T12:39:24.342+00:00"

specifics Object

Property Description Schema Example Values
platform Device platform string "iOS"
manufacturer Device manufacturer string "Apple"
serial Device serial number string "123"
model Device model string "iPhone13,4"