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The endpoints in this section may be used to pull money from or push money to an external card (a card that was not issued through the connectFi API).

Before transactions with external cards can occur, the card must be registered.

  • Register the external card through a /transfer-to/card/register request.
  • Push money from your settlement account to a registered external card through a /transfer-to/card/push request.
  • Pull money from a registered external card to your settlement account through a /transfer-to/card/pull request.

Debits and credits to/from cards issued through connectFi, including peer-to-peer (p2p) transactions, will be completed through separate transaction endpoints. The /transfer-to/card/register, /transfer-to/card/push, and /transfer-to/card/pull endpoints are specific to transactions involving cards that were not issued through connectFi.

The settlement account refers to the main account in Evolve bank in which you (the connectFi client) maintain a minimum deposit as collateral for future transactions.