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The ampliFi API is designed to support Banking as a Service (BaaS) by providing a clear and consistent interface to back end banking services. It implements a layer of abstraction in front of popular banking-as-a-service APIs and delivers direct server-side access to the ampliFi back end functionality. This creates a single, unified, simplified, enriched, and streamlined API for your front-end applications.

Key Features

Some key features of the API include the following:

  1. Multi-back-office routing -- A single user may obtain products from two different back-end systems. The API can orchestrate transactions in different back-offices into a single transaction in the front-end.
  2. Multi-everything -- supports multiple customer segments, multiple users per customers, multiple languages, multiple authentication methods, and multiple back-offices across multiple banks, countries and currencies.
  3. Data caching -- all the data passing through the middleware is stored in the database and is accessible as a stand-in for the front-end. In case of sudden communication failure ampliFi can keep serving the front end for read-only transactions and can queue some active transactions until the back-office comes back online.
  4. Two-way data synchronization -- ampliFi pushes all the customer data into the front-end applications in real time in the background.
Endpoint Usage
account, accounts Get info for one or all accounts, make changes to an account
alert, alerts Manage alerts
token Get or deactivate authorization token
beneficiary, beneficiaries List, create and modify beneficiaries or payees
card, cards Get info for one or all of user's cards, make changes to a card
cheques, chequeimage Manage checks
devices Get all user's devices
authenticateddevices Get authenticated devices
externalaccount, externalaccounts Work with external accounts
fdrs Manage Flexible Data Records
geo, geocode, pois Access geographic location data
invite, invites Manage invitations to possible new users
iou, ious Manage IOUs
message, messages Manage messages for a user
payee, payees Manage payees for a user
requests Manage generic requests
ping Check that the server is alive
prospect, confirm, disavow, recovery, harden Work with prospective new users
rates Get FX rates
remittance Pay to external accounts
restrictions Manage restrictions
transfer Transfer funds between accounts
user Get and modify user details
undo Undo a previous action
at Show how an app was installed

Details for each endpoint are described in the individual sections.