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Speak with a PayGears representative to receive access to a sandbox instance URL and login credentials. All requests except login require the authorization token that is returned by a login call to /token. This token must be copied to a header parameter named "token".

Additional information on authentication/authorization can be found in the USER/Authentication section of this documentation.

The following is an example authentication header.

--header 'token: 3VMQ1wDxHMBJZbWSljvUkw7Mwny4kgdWyMSnu2uoCHUH1imzlOKMl79dtAyLmF7wVi'
headers: { 
    'token': '3VMQ1wDxHMBJZbWSljvUkw7Mwny4kgdWyMSnu2uoCHUH1imzlOKMl79dtAyLmF7wVi'