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Possible Status Values

cFiCheckStatus (connectFi Status) Description
Processing A request to print the check has been initialized and is processing.
Sent The file containing the check requests (prints and voids) has been sent to the bank.
Complete The bank received the request to print the check and it has been printed and/or sent to automail.
Cancelled The check was cancelled (voided). If a check is voided before the original request is sent to the bank, then the status will automatically update to "Cancelled" and will not be sent to the bank or the check printer. If the check is voided after the original request to print is sent to the bank, then the status will not update to "Cancelled" until confirmation is received from the bank that the voided check was successfully cancelled.
Declined The check was rejected by automail.
InBank The bank has received the check request.
Unknown The bank returned an unknown status that must be manually reviewed. Contact support.
boStatus (Back Office Status) Description
Rejected by AutoMail There was an issue with the check, such as address, city, or state does not match
Cancelled Check request was sent to the bank, but user decided they do not want it to be sent out (voided after bank received check request)
Sent to AutoMail The check has been sent to the check printer
Printed The check printer has printed the check
Not Printed The check has been sent to the check printer, but has not been printed
Received Check printer has received the check data, still pending printing