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While sending a wire, if a webhookURL is included in the request, connectFi will make exactly one attempt to do a callback to the webhookURL every time the wire status changes.

The callback will consist of a POST request to the URL you specified with the following body:

  "status": "Complete", //or "Declined" 
  "amount": 1.01, //transaction amount
  "currency": "USD", //currency code
  "reference": "externalTrnId01", //unique ID in the client system
  "cFiTransactionId": "CLIENTID_3iObPFig64JLcNQNApDqGs", //transaction ID in connectFi
  "transactionReceiptId": "JW2QGEHYI0", //transaction receipt ID from the back office
  "dtsCreatedAt": "2022-07-15T15:12:59.110Z",  //date created  
  "dtsCompleted": "2022-07-15T15:12:59.110Z"  //date completed