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If you specify a webhook URL in the /akepa/identification endpoint, every time a transaction status changes due to a response PayGears has received from an external source (asynchronously), the system will make a single POST call to the specified URL with the following body. You will not receive a webhook if a status change occurs in direct response to a request. For example, when testing in the sandbox, an /akepa/identification request should move an individual entity into the "pending_step_up" status if you included all of the customer fields necessary for KYC during customer initialization (/customer/init). The /akepa/identification response will contain the "pending_step_up" status, so you will not receive a webhook. Alternately, when testing the "waiting_review" status in the sandbox, after a PayGears representative completes a manual review of the application, you will receive a webhook to notify you of the status change because it occurred asynchronously instead of in direct response to a request.

    "code": "0",
    "data": {
        "applicationId": "iapp_6HdIlzPVvBdPRMOLVb7BGW",
        "aggregatorId": "evolve",
        "customerId": "cstap_5WMvWpL6XzfkmntDJeeHm2",
        "reference": "extRefAk124",
        "status": "completed",
        "outcome": "Approved",
        "entityApplications": [
                "entityId": "cstap_5WMvWpL6XzfkmntDJeeHm2",
                "isCustomer": true,
                "status": "completed",
                "outcome": "approved"
    "requestId": "2e4d99a0cc3311eebb061f991c0df212"