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This service offers paper check printing services and management. Checks are printed on standard trifold check stock and may be customized with a logo in the top left corner of the check. Each check is mailed via USPS FirstClass services in a #10 double pane envelope. Service level agreement on the mailing of checks is 2 business days and delivery typically occurs within 7-10 days of mailing.

Multiple times a day, any check printing requests that have been registered in the connectFi system with a “Processing” status will be packaged and sent to our banking partner via SFTP. The bank sends PayGears a confirmation of receipt, which will trigger an optional webhook with a status change of either “Complete” (the check has been printed and/or sent to automail), “InBank” (the bank acknowledges receipt of the request but the check has not been printed yet), or “Declined” (the check was rejected by automail).

After the bank completes additional validation on the check file, the print requests are then sent to the check printer. The check is printed and mailed. Once the recipient deposits or cashes the check, it is presented to our banking partner for payment on the intended account.

The bank verifies details, such as the name, amount, and serial number on the check. If verification succeeds, the check will clear and the funds will be settled. If details on the check do not match, the check will then need to be decisioned (whether to pay or return the funds).

It is possible to void a check before it is presented for payment. If the check is voided before the original request is sent to the bank, the status of the check will update to “Cancelled” and will not be sent to the bank for printing. If the request to print has already been sent to the bank, then the void request will be processed and sent to the bank as well. In this case, the check will be printed, mailed, and delivered as usual. However, when the check is presented for payment, the bank will see the status of the check as voided and no payment will be issued for the voided check. If the void request has not been processed by the bank before the check has been presented for payment, then the void will fail and the check will be paid if verification passes. Thus, if voiding a check is necessary, it is important to make the void request as soon as the need becomes known.