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The connectFi API is designed to support Banking-as-a-Service (BaaS) by providing a clear and consistent interface to back end banking services simply and quickly. The connectFi API provides a low level of abstraction to complement your existing front-end and middle-ware components when adding or extending existing functionality from a single, stand-alone API. The connectFi API allows a single user to obtain products from multiple individual back-end systems and can orchestrate transactions in different back-offices into a single transaction in the front-end.

Section Description
Health Request Check the health status of the system.
User Retrieve an access token or change the current user password. An access token is also referred to as an authentication or authorization token and is obtained through a login request to /auth/get-token. The current user password can be updated through a request to /user/change-password.
Payments Make payments, or money transfers, securely and efficiently through the ACH Network, RPPS Bill Payment, Push To/Pull From Card, Wires, and/or paper Check Printing.
Acquiring Allow customers to complete Point of Sale transactions and make eCommerce purchases.
Customer The connectFi API allows you to manage both individual and/or business customers, including the KYC/KYB process (if required).
Cards Issuing options include Debit Cards, Credit Cards, and vAccount-Only accounts.
Deprecated These endpoints are deprecated and will no longer receive additional features or support. Instead of using /condor endpoints, it is recommended to use /ibis (CARDS) endpoints. Ibis endpoints support credit-card issuing, debit-card issuing, and vAccount issuing. Instead of using /customer/kyc and /document endpoints, we recommend the use of the /akepa (CUSTOMER) endpoints for KYC/KYB verification and document upload.