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IOUs are promissory notes from one user (the borrower) to make a specified payment to another user (the lender). There can be at most one IOU for a specific pair of users. If a new IOU is registered for an existing pair, it is used to adjust the balance on the existing IOU. If an IOU is registered by a user who is not the lender, it must be approved by the lender before being accepted.

IOU Object

An IOU is represented as a JSON object. This table specifies the properties that may be included in this object:

Property Description Schema Example Values
borrowerAFiUserId ampliFi ID of the borrower (debtor) string "qweaurl8kgtlv9pc"
lenderAFiUserId ampliFi ID of the lender (creditor) string "qweaurl8kddma4is"
amount Amount owed yes number
currency 3-letter currency code for the amount string "USD"
narrativeDebit Description of the debit (for the borrower) string "Short description for a borrower debit"
narrativeCredit Description of the credit (for the lender) string "Short description for a borrower credit"
narrative Optional alternative to separate narratives string "Sort description of iou transaction request"
attachments Object to contain any attachments object [{//attachments}]
images Array of binary images, if any array []
isPending true if IOU requires borrower's approval boolean false