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This endpoint manages text messages sent between the current user and ampliFi support.

Message Object

The ampliFi API represents messages by a JSON object. This table lists properties that are usually included in a message object.

Property Description Schema Example Values
AFiMessageId ampliFi ID of the message string "qwemsgl8kguke0qpblvxpsgoghpabtgygccq"
toAFiUserId ID of the receiver (current user) or "AmpliFi Support" string "AmpliFi Support"
fromAFiUserId ID of the sender (current user) or "AmpliFi Support" string "qweaurl8kgtlv9pc"
title The message title, if applicable string null
href A relevant URL, if applicable string null
category The message category string null
severity The severity of the message string undefined
extraData Any additional properties that are relevant object undefined
messagePriorityCode The message priority code number undefined
dtsCreated Date/time message was created dts "2023-12-14T19:05:36.839Z"
isDelivered true if the message has been delivered boolean false
isRead true if the message has been read boolean false
dedupCode Unique code to avoid duplicates string "nfbnrnelfn"