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This endpoint is used to return a list of foreign exchange (currency conversion) rates. Rates are not maintained by ampliFi, but are fetched as needed from the appropriate back-office(s). Each back-office that the user has a relationship with is queried, as the rates offered by different back-offices may not all be the same.

Either buy/sell rates or a common rate must be included. If there is a common rate, isCommon is true.

Rate Object

A rate is represented as a JSON object. The following properties are present in a rate object:

Properties Description Schema Example Values
rateId unique ID for the rate string "boIDUSDEUR"
src source for the rate string "USD"
dst destination for the rate string "EUR"
rate common buy/sell rate number 1.14
buy buy rate number 1.14 * 1.001
sell sell rate number 1.14 * 0.999
isCommon true if rate is common boolean true or false
backOfficeId ID for the back-office string "evolve"
backOfficeName name of the back-office string "evolve"
dtsRefreshed date/time rate was refreshed dts "2023-12-20T13:23:16.808Z"

Backoffice Route Objects

A back-office route object represents a pair of back-offices (source and destination) and a commission rate associated with the route.

Properties Description Schema Example Values
sourceBackOfficeId ID for the source back-office string "boID"
destinationBackOfficeId ID for the destination back-office string "boID"
AFiCommissionRate commission rate number
settlementCurrency currency code for the commission string "USD"
baseCurrency currency code for the base currency string "USD"