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This endpoint is used to return a list of Foreign exchange (currency conversion) rates. rates are not maintained by AmpliFi. They are fetched as needed from the appropriate backoffice(s).

Each backoffice that the user has a relationship with is queried, as the rates offered by different backoffices may not all be the same.

Either buy/sell rates or a common rate must be included. If there is a common rate, isCommon is true.

Rate Object

A rate is represented as a JSON object. The following properties are present in a rate object:

Property Type Required? (default) Description
rateId string yes unique id for the rate
src string source for the rate
dst string destination destination for the rate
rate number no (if buy/sell rates given) common buy/sell rate
buy number no (if common rate given) buy rate
sell number no (if common rate given) sell rate
isCommon boolean no (true) true if rate is common
backOfficeId string yes id for the backoffice
backOfficeName string no (none) name of the backoffice
dtsRefreshed dts yes date/time rate was refreshed

Backoffice Route Objects

A backoffice route object represents a pair of backoffices (source and destination) and a commission rate associated with the route.

Property Type Required? (default) Description
sourceBackOfficeId string yes id for the source backoffice
destinationBackOfficeId string yes id for the destination backoffice
AFiCommissionRate number yes commission rate
settlementCurrency string yes 2-letter currency code for the commission

Get Rates

GET /rates

Gets a list of all avaiable FX rates from all back offices that the current user is associated with, along with commission rates for those back offices.

Response body example:

    "success": true,
    "dtsRefreshed": "2022-10-28T03:06:18.604Z"
    "baseCurrency": "USD",
    "rates": [ // array of rate objects
    "backOfficeRoutes": [ // array of backoffice route objects